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TopNotch FAQ

  1. How is TopNotch different from a PCB agent or broker?

    Answer: First and foremost, TopNotch does not trade PCBs and works primarily for the buyers. We promote process efficiency and value-added service. We encourage PCB fabricators of the West to place orders directly with the supplying partners in Asia, i.e. Purchasing staff of Western PCB fabricators deals directly with Sales department of Asian PCB suppliers. There is no price mark-up or transaction meddling by middlemen or any agents. This way, PCB fabricators on both sides manage all the margins and have greater latitude for profit.
  2. I’m buying PCB's directly from China now and I’m not totally satisfy with my current supplier, how can TopNotch help my situation?

    Answer: We can analyze what causes your dissatisfaction, should it be price, delivery, quality or just a pure mis-match of capability. Quite often, your needs have changed and you may have outgrown the technology capability of your existing supplier. Based on your specific situation, TopNotch can provide a solution to your problem by recommending a quality supplier for your long term partnership.
  3. We have tried several Asian PCB suppliers in the past few years and we have even audited them, so far the results are mixed. Their prices are good, just the quality is inconsistent, why?

    Answer: Almost all PCB factories are ISO certified to some degree and appear to practice the 5S and SPC, as you can see on their company brochures and hanging on their walls. Very few are actually able to carry out a true TQM system. Even for a good supplier, management or key personnel changes can destabilize its quality system. Therefore, finding quality suppliers is one of TopNotch’s top priorities; we keep close tabs on our trusted suppliers as well.
  4. We tried engaging some suppliers in the Far-East, so far we have not be successful. Our business is in low-volume, hi-mix and with a wide range of technologies, but the volume production we want to outsource is not very high volume, can we find suppliers for that?

    Answer: Yes, there are quality suppliers in China who are specialized in hi-mix and MOQ of 5-10 square meters.