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TopNotch Partners Ltd.

TopNotch Partners Ltd. is a service and consulting company specializing in the Electronics and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry. We are your window to the PCB world of Greater China, should you be interested in buying PCBs, building an off-shore partnership, acquiring a PCB factory or building your own, we are right here to help you.

If you are a PCB manufacturer in the western world, you are constantly facing price pressure demanded by your customers and competition from PCB agents and/or brokers. Although your customers want to stay with you because of your reliable service over the years, the cost pressure from PCB brokers of the Far-East is just too great. You are limited to supplying only prototype and quick-turn (QTA) products, as you are not price competitive in volume production. TopNotch can be your answer! Let us help you level the playing field.

At TopNotch, our mission is to help reputable PCB manufacturers to source quality, cost competitive PCBs to protect their customer base.

Don't venture out on your own! Avoid costly mistakes and losing time.

In this vast country, separated by language and cultural barriers, China has over 2000 PCB related manufacturers of various nationalities; there are gems as well as landmines. Rules, regulations, laws and business practices, as well as the mindsets and ethics of the new Chinese, which some find interesting, are so drastically different from the West that most find them frustrating. Top Notch appreciates the full complexity of navigating this new environment and strives to be your guiding light as well as your body guard against pitfalls in the Middle Kingdom. We provide the following value-added services:

  • Int’l Procurement Office (IPO) Service Our business objective is to provide a trusted, value-added, efficient service to those who need to establish a sourcing or procurement office in Greater China. We guide you through this mine-field and lead you to reach your objectives.

  • Sourcing and business Consulting Provide our clients strategic advice on choosing the right business partners in the region, should it be buying PCBs, arranging a merger, or facilitating an acquisition. You'll have a trusted friend on your side to navigate this strange, complex business culture.

  • Business Process Outsourcing You can offload those time consuming, mundane business operations such as RFQ/order tracking, quote review, logistics or pre-shipment quality inspections.